Looking through the window

Picture of DInky Train That’s the Dinky I take to work everyday. It is a five-minute ride(though it feels much longer!). I used to spend that time to check my mails and  agenda for the day during my initial months. Hardly looking up..until I forgot my phone once. I realized what I had missed all those months. The view through the window.. The early morning sun and the clear skies or even the snow storms and cloudy skies. The trees on both sides, turning green now. The frozen river, melting and glistening through the rays. The gush of peace just looking through the window from the moving train. We often forget that there is nature around. We don’t have to plan elaborate vacations to enjoy them. All we need to do is look up! It was my zen .. when I can focus those five minutes looking out and forgetting the rest of the world, then I am sure it’s going to be a great day! So, what is your mantra for a great day?


One thought on “Looking through the window

  1. […] So, the four wheel thing you see next to me. I am developing feelings for it(!!!!!!). Going all around it to make sure it isn’t bruised everytime a tree branch grazes it’s surface. Tugging on the door handle to make sure it’s locked even after clicking the lock button on my key. Wiping away everytime a bird shits on it. Shopping for car stuff like nice-smelling potpourri and GPS mounts.   An exhilaration everytime I say “Oh ! I can drive up there.” Instead of “Is there public transport available to that place? ” A sigh of relief every morning when I remember I don’t have to go running behind the Dinky! […]


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