Please Mind Your Own Business


These letters flash through my head whenever somebody asks me irrelevant questions. I was trying to place where I learnt this means Please Mind Your Own Business. It was written on top of the black board during physics class by our teacher in middle school. A very no nonsense lady who insisted on reminding us this every class. More than physics I guess this stuck in my head better. I am no poster child for minding my own business. All I do is crib and find fault in the system and write or talk about it without minding my own business. But seriously, haven’t you felt like saying this to people (who are not related to you in anyway whatsoever) when they ask awkward questions?

Here are some of my PMYOB questions:

For teenagers growing up in India: What is your tenth/twelfth marks?

To PhD or Masters with thesis students: When are you planning to graduate?

For people working in the US: What visa are you on?

A question asked from the time I was pretty young .. Are you a “Brahmin”? ( Sometimes with surprise! ) Followed by Iyer or Iyengar? (which are sub castes). I really wonder how it matters for people who work with me or who are acquaintances or in fact anyone.

For unmarried girls and boys: Are your parents looking for a match? (Same questions asked to the parents as well!)

Are you single?

If you aren’t single:  When are you guys planning to get married?

If you are married- Any good news? (meaning “Are you pregnant?”) Well, if you didn’t know that’s the only “good news” people have in their whole lives is increasing the population of the already over-filled planet.

Why are you wearing black on a special occasion?

Do you have any questions that make you want to say PMYOB? Share it below !


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