Pink or Blue or none?


“Bhaiyya I like pink!” chimed the 5 year old boy to his 12 year old brother. “You are a girl, you are a girl!” sang the elder one. A conversation I overheard between two kids. The little one was crushed by his “bhaiyya’s” taunts. The conversation continued:

” NO! I am not a girl!”

“Yes you are. Only girls like pink.”

“No..I like pink and I am not a girl.” (Bravo!)

“You are if you like pink. You are a girl!”

“Mummaaaa..bhaiyya is calling me a girl.”

A conversation which I could only overhear and do nothing about other than vent. Can we blame the 12 year old for teasing his little brother or do we blame ourselves ? For representing gender with specific colors? For letting the market take us on and influence our kids? Pink for girls and blue for boys. It starts from the baby shower and goes on. All a gimmick to increase sales of certain products that is making us judge the preferences of our own kids. Will this little one be scarred because of this taunt from his “bhaiyya” who he looks upon?

As we grow, don’t we move away from these preferences?I know a lot of women who despise pink and men who wear pink (salmon!) colored clothes.

Let the girls race the hot wheels or make the Star Wars Lego sets and let the boys learn jewellery making or build a doll house if that is what they want to do. If you are a parent, I request you to keep an eye out for people who judge your child and please do not let anyone crush their choices!


One thought on “Pink or Blue or none?

  1. I looked good in my pink formal shirt, now having outgrown it, I am still looking for a self colored pink formal shirt. I look good in it. Blue of course is the other color I love along with light shades of purple 🙂

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