Its been a Smooth(ie) week!

I am a very conscious eater (thumbs up) plus an impulsive foodie (thumbs down) . Being a foodie is awesomee but I tend to over eat every time I see something I love and then don’t bother to work/burn it out. I buy a ton of fruits and vegetables and hardly finish eating them within a week because I would have had a Thai food craving or Indian food craving and would go to a favorite restaurant for take-out. And lo and behold all my beloved fruits and veggies are rotting already and my weighing machine was smugly grinning with extra pounds. So it started with guilt and turned out to be an amazing way to drink it off for one meal everyday. Healthy and guilt-free!

I completed 7 days of one smoothie meal per day. So here you go ..a few pictures of my smoothies. The recipes are self-explanatory 🙂


And some tips on how to be a healthy foodie and not a glutton:wpid-img_20150802_095623.jpg

1. Fill yourself partially with a fruit or side salad before you go to eat at a restaurant.

2. Always have a fruit or nuts in hand to snack on so that you don’t go rushing towards that bag of chips or the cookie.

3. Portion your food before you start eating at a restaurant by transferring a portion of it into the takeout box. Or even better share your calories with a friend or SO.

4. Name one day of the week as Foodie Day where you can eat anything you want as long as you have controlled your portions and exercised enough all week.

5. Become a chef 🙂 Try healthier varieties of the same dishes you love at home. A new hobby plus home-cooked food is always the best! wpid-img_20150801_105907.jpg

If you are wondering what goes into a smoothie for a complete meal. Here you go!

So are you a fan of smoothies? Have you tried them as apart of your regular meal? Let me know 🙂


3 thoughts on “Its been a Smooth(ie) week!

  1. My husband and I love smoothies and we have it for b’fast everyday… with all sorts of greens included… and Vitamix has made my life very simple… 😉

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