Solo Hike and ..!

Meenakshi Ravichandran, a doctoral student in Switzerland (Yes, I know what you are thinking. And yes she is ‘studying’ in Swiss!) , a nature and adventure lover, an ardent traveler and most importantly a fiercely independent woman. My best friend, sister-like, confidante and someone whom I have most fun with. When I announced the screen-free challenge last week, she was telling me about her solo-hike experience. So what better than that to start off this series 🙂 Here you go, in her own words.


While I do love watching TV, catching up with latest news or even shopping online I find it essential to not be “always-on” atleast for a couple of hours a week to maintain my sanity :P. Some of my most enjoyable ways to be screen free is usually to workout (read aerobics/running/swimming/cycling).

Being an outdoor person and living in an alpine paradise, I love hiking in the mountains. I find peace amidst the pristine beauty of nature, magnificence of the mountains and freshness of the forest air. Besides offering considerable physical challenge to climb steep uphill, it is also a very enjoyable activity to connect with people.


The mobile signals are usually pretty weak in high altitudes and curbs your need to insta-upload/update your life.- Meenakshi

I find it to be a perfect balance of interaction and activity unlike watching a movie or catching up for a cup of coffee. It is possible almost all seasons, all age groups and for all levels of physical fitness. I recently discovered that is also fun to go solo! Above all it is anything but boring and perfect way to be screen free!

So that’s my start to the Screen-free Challenge! What do you do to stay away from your screens for atleast few hours every week? Pingback ‘Screen-free Challenge‘ or write to me or message on my Facebook page to be featured on this blog.

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4 thoughts on “Solo Hike and ..!

  1. Meenakshi!
    You followed me days back.
    But you had not left a trace, that I could come to your blog, only today seeing into my email, I came here.
    In your Gravatar there is no mention of your Blog.
    I think you may mention it.
    Anyways I am happy having come here.
    Shall come here again.
    I follow you now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Shiva, thanks for letting me know. My name is Janani and this post was by a guest called Meenakshi. Thank you for following me 🙂


  2. I, too, love Nature and try to take time to be an active part of it. This post has inspired me and I am planning on some autumn hiking.

    Liked by 1 person

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