Shree has a new perspective on being Screen Free!

I introduced this challenge to encourage people stay away from their screens for a few hours every week. What if a person does not need the encouragement but had to find an alternative for one little thing in her life away from the screen?image

Shree Janani (my namesake!) who also shares the same nickname ‘Jan’ is a..ehm.. book lover/addict would be an understatement I should say. In her own words “I’m not your typical ‘oh-so-sweet’ and mild mannered lady. I’m the diplomatically straight forward type.”

She reviews books at Book and Ink. If you would like new book suggestions or would like a book to be reviewed do visit her page and do ping her. Continue Reading


When the ‘Other Woman’ is Football!

I recently read a news article where a guy in UK made his girlfriend take an Arsenal quiz , and declared he will not dump her because she got a whopping 87%. When I sent it to my SO* he was really laughing out loud. I told him, that I would get negative scores if he tried to quiz me. First, I did not even realize I had said Arsenals and not Arsenal .. *beeeeeeeep*I had already started with a negative score.


He did try to quiz me..Name three teams of the EPL (English Premier League..I knew this). Erm.. Liverp Continue Reading