When the ‘Other Woman’ is Football!

I recently read a news article where a guy in UK made his girlfriend take an Arsenal quiz , and declared he will not dump her because she got a whopping 87%. When I sent it to my SO* he was really laughing out loud. I told him, that I would get negative scores if he tried to quiz me. First, I did not even realize I had said Arsenals and not Arsenal .. *beeeeeeeep*I had already started with a negative score.


He did try to quiz me..Name three teams of the EPL (English Premier League..I knew this). Erm.. Liverpool, Arsenal and Barcelona?  SO was shaking his head in despair? disbelief? Probably wondering if he should even attempt to have a conversation about football with me considering our relationship. I expected him to stop there but the poor guy did explain the right answer and I did attempt to type it out and never mind.. I couldn’t do it. And I do not want to offend more football fans (one is bad enough!)
Anyway, this made me reminisce and I realized that Arsenal have been involved in our relationship from Day 1.


Within 7 minutes of our first introduction he told me that he was a football fan, particularly an Arsenal fan. I had no clue what that meant until I became the ‘girlfriend’ and our first lunch date became takeout to watch a match (and of-course made me watch it and I dozed off in the middle ).

Over time I started calling football as “the other woman” because .. read on..

  • I have caught him saying “You look beautiful” without taking eyes off the screen from a match (Which works for me but you get my point right..!).
  • Being a long distance relationship,you would assume my visits are the most exciting thing , but sometimes I doubt it. Though I keep getting reminders and assurances that ‘football is not human m’lady’, the excitement for football does seem a tad higher than “the girlfriend” though I have mentally trained myself to ignore it. (SO – If you are reading this, I would highly appreciate you denying my claim!)
  • I asked him if he was interested in traveling and he said “Yes, to watch an Arsenal match LIVE” . (!!!)
  • The best present you could give this person on his birthday is anything football and no it doesn’t cost anything. All it needs is a screen with a match on.
  • Initially, talk to him during a match and you can be sure nothing went into his ears. Now, he does not even bother to pick up the phone.
  • And last (I guess!), his favorite shirt has Arsenal on it and the only thing adorning his wall is an Arsenal pennant!

So, in summary and his own words, Football and I and his two loves and in no particular order (or the order does not remain the same at all times!). Now you know why a non-human became the  ‘other woman’.

Now that the girlfriend status has turned to ‘Fiance’ I wonder about the coming years. Here is the summary with my input:

And I did find this article which kind of gives a heads up as to what to expect.

1. Let them be! Trust me, they will thank you for it. It tells you how passionate they are about something and take that as an assurance. Of course, do let them know when the passion goes overboard but make sure you give them that space.
2. If it bothers you, find a hobby to do at the same time when the SO wants to watch a match in peace. If you feel drawn to the sport then join ’em. They would be happy to snuggle with you and watch it together (do be careful about sudden motions and movements that might cause any damage!)

3. Don’t try to overthink or analyze this interest nor belittle it. If you are like me and do not understand sports and feel frustrated when the guy is lost in his own world then remind yourself that everyone have their own things which they can focus on for hours and for some it is sports, yours might be music or books or TV shows or even gossiping. So respect it! Trying to understand or letting them be improves the quality of your relationship humongously. Of course, you can always demand “extra love” and make it up in other ways 😛

*Significant Other

So tell me, are you a noob SO or the sports fanatic. Either way do let me know of your experiences. How do you want the other person to understand you? What are your expectations? Are you passionate about something other than sports that you want the other person to understand?


2 thoughts on “When the ‘Other Woman’ is Football!

  1. Awesome 🙂
    Oh Yes.. and I have this friend of mine, hez a cricket enthusiast and his gf..well lets say she had to learn cricketing terms because whenever she asked him about position he would answer “off side” “on side” “in the V” or “straight down” [all cricketing terms] :p

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