The Proposal!



When I was younger, I thought that my promise of commitment or the engagement to the person who I choose to spend my life with was going to happen with friends and family around, colorful sarees, jewellery,  proud parents exchanging gifts , a priest reading the ‘Lagna pathrika’ which talks about our ancestry and the date of the wedding ceremony ( I am a South Indian/Chennaiite and the above mentioned are the customs that happen at our engagement) . But as I grew older, ceremonies numbed me, I found them long and impersonal. I longed for something personal, intimate , ‘just-between-us’ kind but never believed that would happen.

Few months ago, R and I were back after a long day touring the city. As I settled down to crash, R took out the bulge from his pocket. A box inside a box  , tied with a silver ribbon, a smile playing on his lips as he held me close, looked into my eyes and asked ‘Will you..’ ( Note: Not on his knees!) and I said yes even before he could finish the sentence. And that was it, my ceremony declaring the promise of commitment. So yes, it did happen, with the person of my choice, in the middle of the night, within four walls and no fanfare ( alright, the fanfare was just inside my head).

I knew this was coming but it took me a few hours to come out of the initial shock and excitement. Is it all done? Did I just agree to spend my life with this person? Is this it? Did I make the right decision? A million questions were eating me. But I knew this was it and I do not have to second guess myself with this decision. And after it settled down, I woke up the FIANCE to ask “The city was so beautiful and you had a whole day, why didn’t you propose there?” And I lamented about how I don’t have a picture of this moment (Oh well! IGer problems), while he just ignored me and went back to zzzing.

And then (no I did not sleep the whole night) I researched about the cut, style and the diamond of the ring on my finger , so that I could answer people’s questions at work the next day.  And finally dozed off sometime early in the morning.

I have tried to pen this moment many many times but I never could be satisfied with what I wrote because , it was never an accurate description of my emotions. I don’t think I did justice this time as well but I did attempt . So any proposal stories you want to share?


3 thoughts on “The Proposal!

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  2. Your ring is beautiful, one of the first things that caught my eye. We need a close a closeup on IG!

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