Blog, blogger, blogging!

My recent friends have been fellow bloggers from the city I grew up in. Never met most of them but blogging brought us together. People have found the best of friends on that group. They are supportive, encouraging and appreciative. It does not end just at blogging, the relationships extended to where you know that you can fall back on and they will be there for you.

At the point when I thought I wish I could meet fellow bloggers around where I live, I chanced upon Danielle‘s blog and that led me to meet a couple more like minded bloggers and we had our first meet up in New York City (Yay!!).

bloggers meetup, NYC Blog Meetup #1

We drank coffee and spoke and spoke and spoke and only parted ways because we had exceeded our planned times already. It felt like I knew them through their blogs and it did not feel awkward to socialize with a group I have never met before. We all write about different things but just blogging brought us together. You can read about our meet up on The Thought Card.

bloggers meetup, NYC Blog Meetup #1

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Rendezvous En New York (left), The Thought Card (center), Soundtrack of A Photograph (right) Image by Robert P. Doyle {link to}

Anyway, the post is not about our meet-up, Sorry! Read on:

Living in a place which I had never visited before until I got a job, my circle of people has been pretty small. The people I work with, my roommate (ofcourse), those from whom I get some services and an occasional acquaintance I meet at a party. That is all. Rest of my communications are all online, virtual with those I grew up with or who share similar interests. I have had this conversation of making friends at this stage in life many times with people. At some point our resistance to make new friends for the sake of it increases. We are happy with the relationships created all these years, school, undergrad, grad school, neighbors, family. Our circle seems complete and makes you wonder why you need more people. But what if there is no circle , like in my instance where I moved to a new place with absolutely no contacts. How do you meet people? Do you have the patience to create new relationships? Don’t they need a lot of time to build? Do you even need new relationships or is your phone/computer/Netflix good enough?

I occasionally craved for people but those I love and who are far away. Mostly I was happy with my phone, Netflix and my roommate. I am not a loner, infact I love building relationships but I was just at that point in life trying to figure out who I was that I did not want to jump into building new relationships until I knew what kind of people I want to associate myself with. Is being from the same country enough? community? language? No, we want like minded people. The rest doesn’t matter. If you really crave for long term friendships, then your thought process and compatibility matters.

When I resurrected to blogging few months ago, I knew in a few weeks, that I associate with bloggers. You relate to people across the world who share your thoughts, irrespective of their community, language and beliefs. How many times have unknown bloggers appreciated your post? Been empathetic? Understanding? Encouraging? It also crosses barriers such as introvert, awkward, shy etc that play a role in socializing.

And you learn new things, I search blogs when I want to know about a place I am traveling to or when I would like to learn how to style a particular outfit. Some bloggers have a weekly grammar piece or music or a recipe. So, in conclusion , blogging is awesome and so are bloggers 🙂 Blog and let blog!

If you are around NYC, Tri State area, please feel free to reach out to me or the bloggers mentioned above to get updates of our upcoming meetings. If you are from Chennai, India please check out and join the Chennai Bloggers Club 🙂

Please follow my Facebook page to get updates much faster. If you would like to reach out me , mail me at



9 thoughts on “Blog, blogger, blogging!

  1. I love the friendships I have found through blogging, whether i meet them in real life or not and I’m glad I have met you Janani!

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  2. I love this post, the vulnerability and your stream of conciousness draws us in.

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  3. I blog therefore I am! I feel the same way about blogs these days. Remember when they were passé for awhile? There are so many great ones out there and every week I find more of all different types.

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