Learn to love art and not to become super singers!

I heard a grandmother talking about how her 5 – year old is learning music and how..wait for it! The sentence did not end about how proud she was of the little one singing but ..again..wait for it.. about how her beats are uncoordinated with her tune and how initially her singing was off-tune as well. I unfortunately couldn’t keep quiet during this conversation and blurted out. It is a five year old ..FIVE YEAR OLD! And this is not the first time I hear such things. I have seen people around me having high standards, not for themselves but for others around and especially the next generation. It isn’t surprising because I have heard the same from my own mom, grandma and other family members when growing up.

Learning is equated to perfection and attaining celebrity status. Thanks to reality shows like American Idol, Super Singer, Dancing with the stars and the like. Parents want their children and grand children to be on fast track and assume that their child is going to be the next super star in whatever they are made to learn and that is what every teacher should train them for as well.

*Newsflash * That is not the goal of learning. Teach your child to love what they learn, teach them to enjoy art and to explore different things and pick what they like. And all you people who criticize , *one more newsflash* you are mere spectators. Unfortunately, you are not an expert nor a critic. Nor are you putting in any effort in this learning which your little one is going through. No, please don’t tell me I pay for it or I take time to take him/her to class. Please!

Now that my outburst is done. Cooling down to type sane.

  1. Expose your children to various activities and arts and set a path for them to really enjoy and learn it.
  2. Give it time: It takes time to learn and master things. Child prodigies exist , but many successful artists who had no background learnt for the love of it. So you have to appreciate and encourage the learners and be patient. And if they decide not to master it or go on to be in reality shows, you have to respect that as well.
  3. Let the trainers deal with it: The whole reason why there are experts to teach are because..well they are the experts. So stay away from it. If you were one, you would be teaching yourself. Help the learner to develop a relationship with the guru. It is not just art but an inspirer/mentor who will enhance the process.
  4. Teach them to love and they will grow to excel: Love breeds excellence so if the learner loves what they are learning then they will strive to excel in it.
  5. Remember to shut up : Couldn’t help but say it. If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything. I guess I have made that point clear already.

What is your take on this post? I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts 🙂  Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Learn to love art and not to become super singers!

  1. Janani, Like you, I too believe that we should just give guidance to children and not force them to learn something. But, it has become so competitive now a days. My daughter is 5 year old. She goes to dance class once a week whereas her classmates are already attending 3 to 4 activities ( dance, music, karate etc )every week. Whenever I hear parents proudly saying that their children gave a performance or got an award, I feel a bit jealous. In that moment, I wonder if I’m not pushing my daughter enough. But, later, when I realize that my daughter is more interested in reading books than in any other activity, I convince myself that may be she is in the correct way, doing stuff that she really likes. Anyways, it’s very tough to stay uninfluenced in this aggressive world.

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    • Yes, I think there should be a balance in everything and also let children try and decide what they like. Also, not give up anything because of silly reasons. I am glad you let her do what she likes even though you had doubts about it. And I look forward to reading more and connecting with you as well 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

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  2. pennylessinparadise

    I’m a firm believer that you can excel at anything that you LOVE doing – you cannot force talent / interest on someone, let alone a 5 year old.

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  3. Love this – I have a coworker who is training his ten-year old daughter (and has been for about three years now) to be the next big thing on The Voice. Makes me sick.

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  4. Couldn’t agree with you more Janani from my own observations. I’d rather allow children to lean towards what they like on their own. Rather than showing them what you wanted them to like, or listen to. I think exposing children to as much art and music is a wonderful thing, but if they find something appealing in Bob Dylan over the latest pop sensation that is even more wonderful. That is how I was brought up and I still love a lot of the music my Dad played because he didn’t force us to listen to it. We gravitated towards it BECAUSE it was good. Which I think is a big distinction. To start my own rant though I don’t disagree that the people on those types of shows you mention are talented (not being a singer how could I not say that), but they are now looking for some homogenized form of singing designed to make money and everyone sounds like one another. And to have parents now wishing that for their children does not sit well with me.

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