2015 – A Review

Well well well, as we step into the New Year and as I say goodbye to being 25 (yes , I am turning 26 in a couple of days!!) , I got inspired to write this after looking at the posts of my fellow bloggers. So here you go 2015 – a review and blogging goals of 2016.

What happened in 2015 ( on my blog and otherwise)

1. I started my blog in March 2015. I did not have any goals but I did think the focus of my writing would be to address social causes I care for and to voice out my opinions.


2. Around the same time I also started writing for Womens Web where my voice was better heard since the readers shared the same opinions and it was an established forum. One of my best blog posts was about Sharing wedding responsibilities got shared more than 1500 times in the week it was published. That made me realise how powerful our thoughts converted to writing can be and also helped me branch out to other things on my personal blog.
3. I gained a lot of new friends through the blogosphere, mainly from Chennai Bloggers Club and my dearest New york based bloggers Danielle (The Thought Card), Robert (Soundtrack of a Photograph) and Trudy(Rendezvous En New York) who have been so supportive and encouraging .


Selfie from our first blog meet!

4. I intitiated the Screen free Challenge where I intended to get bloggers to write about how they spent a few hours away from their screens in a week. I had a great response with fellow bloggers participating and also my own friends pitching in.
5. Currently I have started the Wedding Series where I plan to document my experience and also get guest bloggers to give insights on various things involved in a south indian wedding.

In my life:

1. I discovered what it is to be completely independent. This is the first year in my life where I could say I was totally on my own. From financial management to where the next meal is going to be to taking care of myself even when I am sick, everything was upto me. It made me discover a lot about myself and also to learn how to be comfortable living on your own. It is going to change soon and I will cherish this year all my life.
2. I gifted my parents a tour of the East Coast. My parents had spent all their lives in Chennai, India. They had never been on a plane or any international trip before. It was a very interesting and joyful three weeks to see them enjoy a new country through a fresh set of eyes. Most emotional being to look at the roles reversed. With them guiding their daughter all these years, they saw her all on her own in a new country, making decisions, taking care and guiding them all through.

And we also had our fun moments – one being explaining my dad how to order coffee at Starbucks 😀 So, I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity to giveback a little bit of what they have done for me 🙂

3. Social work – I became actively involved in multiple social causes, and was active member of organizations that focus on Domestic violence , Colorism, Education for children and women’s rights. I also got to help my city, Chennai, during the floods. And if you did not already know I am also actively fundraising (link) to educate 200 children as part of my wedding. Which brings us to..

4. I got engaged to R in February. We are two completely different people who bonded solely based on our ideas about life. We constantly have been discovering different aspects of each other and the journey until now has been amazing. And we are getting married in less than 3 months!!!

5. Health – I started running in 2015, another of my firsts and participated in two 5Ks. I felt great doing it and my body is nodding to it as well.
6. And I also managed to read 12 books this year.  And I bought my first car..the list keeps going on!!!

Blogging goals:
1. To blog consistently in the next year similar to 2015.

2. To branch out and write more about things like Food, Books and Travel

3. To initiate more blogging challenges and to collaborate with more guest bloggers.

4. I want to discover more ways to connect with bloggers on different forums such as bloglovin, blogadda and Indi blogger and other blogging clubs.

5. Though I am primarily an Indian/South Asian blogger and the influence of it is pretty high, I hope to write about things that would serve a general audience as well.

Personal Goals:

1. Wedding 🙂 Enough said I guess!

2. Start ticking things off my bucket list.

3. Stay active in social work and try to be part of many causes and make a tiny difference 🙂

4. Travel solo or with fellow travel enthusiasts
– as much as I love spending time with R, I wish to spend some time just by myself as well. I hope to take atleast one trip (even if it is not some exotic location ) just by myself or with new people/person.


Taken at my first solo trip to San Francisco

5. Better fitness goals – I hope to continue running once spring sets in and participate in more 5Ks and follow through good fitness routines.
6. And to read atleast one book per month.

As I typed this post it made me feel really good since I never realised how much I had done this year.
The blogging community has been so wonderful and welcoming. I have found so many trusted people in my life through the blogosphere. I thank each and everyone who have been following my blog and my writing. A very happy new year and I hope you have a great year. I would love to know your blogging goals, please leave a comment and do share them with me 🙂

“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”


11 thoughts on “2015 – A Review

  1. Wonderful to read all your 2015 accomplishments. I hope your 2016 will be much more fantastic. Happy New year. .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you really rocked in 2015. I would so like my Parents to experience the flight (better travel internationally).

    Wish you a very Happy New Year and Happy Birthday…so happy to see you were born at the turn of the year!

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  3. Hope your marriage turns out as well as mine has! Been married for over 20 years to the love of my life. We have had our ups and downs, but we are still together!

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  4. This was so great to read Janani! That is a lot of accomplishments and indeed you should be very proud. I did not know about the running. One of my goals for 2016 is to step it up again myself because I think its good for your health and your mind due to the solitary aspect. More blogging collaborations is another of my goals too, and I have been talking with a few people already. And if you and I can figure out some common ground to collaborate on lets go for it! I enjoyed doing it so much this year. I also plan on marketing my Photo Shuffle idea up more and getting more contributors/or finding a way to make it more of a ‘thing’. Looking forward to discussing it at the next NYC Blog meetup!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Rob 🙂 Yes, I was never a sports or fitness person and gyms aren’t my cup of tea. This one I could tolerate. Not a fan but preferred it than anything else. Yes, let’s discuss about it. I might have an idea about marketing your Photo Shuffle idea. Let’s discuss when we meet 🙂

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      • I had to quit my gym earlier in the year because it is a little too far from our new apartment so I started running on occasion and was surprised I felt pretty good running. I did the NY marathon almost 30 years ago when I was in college and though I don’t know if I will have the time to hit those kinds of miles, I can do a couple of day at least. Definitely, I would love to hear that idea when we meet 🙂

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  5. Oh my God,you should be very proud. This year has been amazing for you. I am proud to have met you and am looking forward to seeing you achieve your 2016 goals.


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