The NRI bride: Part 1

So, you are all set to get married in your home country and for some reason (education, work, travel) you are far away. How do you cope with it and what can you expect? I got in conversation with a few newly wed or to-be NRI brides. And here you go are some inputs from all of us !


Everyone helps to make your D-Day a great day!

One of the best things being far is when your family and the groom’s family bond even without you being present. Gayathri is a newly wed who went through the whole process and to whom I reach out to to get the latest updates of the trend in my city.

Gayathri ‘ s biggest blessing was that her mom and mother-in-law went to great lengths to find and buy what she wanted and she did was send them designs and pictures. That shows how much our family wants to help us plan our dream day 🙂 This led to a better bonding between the families as well. Not just family but she had an amazing experience with all vendors she interacted sitting in US and how everyone helped her in making sure her big day was well planned.


Credit: Gayathri                 Doesn’t she look beautiful in this saree? All she did was tell her family what she wanted and they made sure it was done 🙂

Be prepared to get calls in the middle of the night she says ..

Time difference was her biggest concern. Every ‘bridal tips’ out there talk about beauty sleep but unfortunately you lose it when you have a ten hour difference from your home country. 3 AM Skype calls from stores asking which dress or jewel you like is going to happen a few times.

How to cope with it? Pick weekends so that you can catch up on your sleep and also to make sure you aren’t crabby the next day at work. And request the shoppers ( parents, in-laws) to pick a few days in advance so that you are prepared.

You can get things done faster

My biggest advantage has been the fact that I have been able to work faster than my family who live in the same city as my wedding.

Reason? Faster communication/services/time difference. With the boon of having faster internet and time difference, working hours in India is my after work hours on a normal day , so I would browse vendors, ratings , get the addresses, talk to them over the phone/email them, get pictures whatsapped/mailed and finally share the information with my parents to simply cross check in person.

This saved them a lot of time because 1. It takes a lot of time to go to every place in person, thanks to the traffic and 2. They are not tech savvy enough to do things online.

So what would have been my dad having to take time off during office hours and multiple trips to different venues/vendors was just one final trip to approve my choices.

Not everything happens your way and that’s okay

When you are trying to manage things 10,000 miles away, some miscommunication happens. Be prepared for it. Find ways to make amends if that is an option, if not find ways to deal with it. Do not try to micromanage.

A friend of mine went to her reception hall to see it decorated something completely different than what she had emailed . She was disappointed but realized that nothing could be done at that time. All that matters are the beautiful smiles in the pictures in the end 🙂 So..

More to come on this topic 🙂 So what do you think are advantages or disadvantages of being in a different country and planning the wedding. Your inputs are very valuable so please let me know 🙂



25 thoughts on “The NRI bride: Part 1

  1. I love that you did this post! It’s now such a common thing to happen but no one really knows much about it!

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  2. Best of luck with the wedding. You sound like you have it all under control 🙂


  3. So informative Jan! I loved reading about this subject. I doubt I will have this experience per say, but it’s still good to learn about and relate.

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  4. I know I’m being long winded but your friend Gayathri’s mendhi design all the way up her arm is really lovely! Ok I’m done!

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  5. It would take some pressure off as far as all the appointments to look at this or that. You can leave those things to your parents since they know you best. And let you worry about the little things that you don’t want anyone else handling. At least I would think so.

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