Beat the Hump Day blues!

We all have those days where you just don’t want to read or watch anything that makes your brain work or react to it even a tiny bit right? Especially during the middle of the week.

So I thought of sending something your way that (might) make you smile or take your mind off other things for a few minutes!

I recently visited the San Francisco Zoo and here are some of the pictures from there.


This pretty little thing kept following us wherever we went!

The Royals!



The awws!



Prairie Dogs


Some backs and Butts 😉

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The San Fran Zoo is comparatively a small zoo that takes about 4 hours to cover the whole area. A treat for kids as it isn’t too big to tire them out. It is near the ater so you can always cross the road and watch the water if you get bored of the animals. The highlight of the zoo was this train which takes you around 🙂




Do you like animals or zoos? What is your take on zoos and national parks? When was the last time you went to one and which is your favorite?


10 thoughts on “Beat the Hump Day blues!

  1. Jan…those Prairie dogs are so cute…nice pics..

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  2. Those pics definitely made me smile 🙂

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  3. Excellent photos. Seems you had a great time there. I have been a frequent visitor to parks and zoo’s after my daughter is born.

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  4. Penguins in San Fransisco? Who would have thought! Well I visited the Visakhapatnam beach very recently and the experience left a lot to be desired. They have quite a selection of animals but the enclosures needed better maintenance and thought. But visiting a zoo is always an exhilarating experience for sure. Having a tiger walk only inches away you (separated by a fence of course) feels so surreal! 🙂

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    • There was a polar bear too !! Yes, seeing the lions and tigers was the best but also a little sad to see them inside such a small space.


  5. A long time ago I was in the San Francisco zoo, and also on the same trip, the San Diego zoo. I used to love them but now I really only like zoos that focus on conservation and have spacious conditions for the animals. As to the national parks, I love them! The last I think I was in was the Cape Cod National Seashore a few years ago, but over the years I have been to several of the ones out west like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Not long ago we watched the Ken Burns National Parks program and vowed that we would see more of them because they are really a treasure.

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