The NRI Bride – Part 3

Yaaay! What was supposed to be a two part NRI series became three because of the responses from the readers. Thanks to everyone who had pinged or mailed me with your inputs. It means a lot 🙂

This post features inputs from Neerajha fondly known as Neeru, she has been an NRI for the most part of her life. She is a newly wed. She wrote to me her whole story (I hope to use relevant aspects of it all through my wedding series :)) with all the little details. Thanks so much Neeru and here is NRI Bride -Part 3 for you 🙂

Make it authentic

One huge emotional aspect of an NRI is missing home. To each one’s own aspect of ‘home’.. for Neeru it was her grandmother. So she wanted to have her wedding in her grandmother’s house in a village (!!!). So she convinced the groom’s family and her mom made sure it was done. (Seriously, all my NRI brides are so lucky to have such moms). In addition she also wore her mother’s wedding saree for the ceremony 🙂

Be ready to miss people at the wedding

Another hard aspect of being far is that , not all your current friends can travel overseas and not all your past friends who have moved on can come as well. This isn’t just for NRIs but for anyone. Still, Neeru missed her close friends at her wedding since they are also overseas. So if you are an NRI bride, be ready to face it. If not, set a date after asking the people who mean a lot to you their best ones. Even if everyone cannot make it, this might help you get atleast a part of them present and make your day special 🙂


Credit: Neeru

It is going to be a short trip

Yet another revelation/reminder for me as well. The trip we make for our wedding is going to be short, hectic and is going to go away like a blink of an eye unlike our usual ones where we take time to meet friends, relax, eat mom’s food. So remind yourself a few times about it so that you don’t get disappointed later about not having the usual vacation you have when you come home. Or plan it in such a way that you have some ‘vacation days’ among the wedding planning weeks.

Communicate with the groom

The NRI brides whom I spoke to including myself deal with different time zones not just with the parents but with the groom as well. And the chances of both of them living apart even after the wedding is high. In case of Neeru, it was an arranged marriage with the groom living in another state and with her in another state and a super busy schedule as a PhD student. So, she insists on communicating things wedding and otherwise to the groom as well before the wedding and make sure everyone is on the same page.

In the end it is the relationship that matters

Neeru had many hiccups in the wedding planning. Everything wasn’t perfect but in the end the bride and groom were happy. They were happy to meet the family, to have a celebration that marks the beginning of their journey. She wanted to remind everyone reading this to forgive and move on if the wedding doesn’t happen your way and make sure the marital journey is how you want it to be 🙂

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and inputs. If you would like to write for me as a guest blogger or even tell me your story please leave a comment or write to 🙂 Follow me on Facebook for updates


4 thoughts on “The NRI Bride – Part 3

  1. I love this! I also think a lot of this applies to brides who aren’t NRI brides too. The importance of communication and high stress levels, I’m taking notes.

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  2. Yes there is way too much stress put on the one day which in turn is put on the couple and they don’t end up enjoying any of it. First thought should be the union and the memories, nothing can ever be perfect. Good post!

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