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Credit: Pavithra

Being an NRI bride one of our biggest tasks is to find the right make up artist for the D-Day. The reason being we are probably going just before the wedding and might not really find the time to have a trial and choose. And so we need to use our judgement to find the right MUA using other sources.

Pavithra, popularly known as Makeup Martini is one of the most well known fashion/ beauty bloggers of Chennai. She is also a professional make up artist and a model. She doesn’t just make her brides look gorgeous but also herself and I personally love the look-books on her blog 🙂 Here is her guide to find the right makeup artist for your big day!

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Pavithra- Makeup Martini

Weddings are exciting but they’re also super stressful on the bride. Most brides aren’t sure where to start looking for the right makeup artist(MUA), and although who you choose to beautify you on your big day is definitely a personal decision, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to make this decision the best one possible:

  •  Allocate a budget and look for MUAs within that particular budget. This should include makeup, hairstyling and saree draping/ lehenga styling.
  • Word of mouth is the best so ask your friends, colleagues or family members if they like any particular MUA’s work and discuss with them. You might have been to a friend’s or relative’s wedding and been impressed with the makeup and hairdo. Find out who the MUA is and ask the general info about them.
  • Scout for MUAs online so you can compare and filter the ones out of your budget or liking. Most of them have Facebook pages or websites now.
  • When you are narrowing it down to couple of MUAs, first make sure they are available on your big day. If they are, then ask them about the brands they use in their kit, does the service include false lash application, bridesmaid services and any other questions you may have.
  • Make sure you go for a trial session which is usually around 2-3 hours you can bring any favorite makeup/hair looks of yours where you can try different makeup looks and also customize it to your liking. This will also help you see how you’ll look on the big day.
  • During the trial, do not hesitate to let the MUA know if there is something you have in mind or if you think something they are doing is not right. You should be comfortable enough to give feedback and let them know how you feel because at the end of the day, it’s your Big Day and you want to look perfect.
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Pavithra at work

  • If the makeup artist has a bad attitude do not opt for them because their behavior might ruin your day which is the last thing you want to happen.
  • Once you have made up your mind and decided which MUA you want, pay the advance so they will block the dates for you. Some MUAs get 50% advance while others opt for full payment to block the dates. It is best recommended to pay the full amount as then you don’t have to worry about paying them when you are in the middle of the event and they can just pack up and leave once they are done instead of hanging around waiting for the rest of the pay.
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A gorgeous bridesmaid

  • If the MUA has to do makeup, hair or sari draping for anyone other than the bride do tell that in advance and also ask how much they charge as these are separate services and not many MUAs do it as it could get super hectic for both the parties.
  • Usually the MUA will give you a call or send out a message a week or two before the wedding or event to confirm everything. If they don’t give them a call to confirm.
  •  Ask the MUA to come 3 to 4 hours before the event starts. Even if they can complete makeup and hairdo in 2 hours, it will give you time to assess and do any last minute changes without rushing.

Hope that helped a bit!

Pavithra can be reached out for services through her page Aphrodite Makeup Studio.

Was her tips useful? Do you have anything more to add, please do leave a comment. If you would like to write for this series write to me and follow me on Facebook


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