S(t)ri is here for brides and bridezillas!!


 How many of you have heard the words in the recent times?

” My sister lives in another city and is coming only a day before the wedding.”

“My best friends cannot make it to the wedding or cannot help me with shopping.”

“I have no time to throw a bridal shower for my best friend”

And this one is mine ” I live abroad and I have no clue about the good shops/latest designs/good tailors etc etc etc”

When I posted on our bloggers club about this series Srilakshmi of I am Stri, one of the prominent lifestyle bloggers from Chennai immediately pinged me saying she was a Bridal Assistant. Whaaa..whaat? I had a skype call with her to understand what she does and (ofcourse) why would I let her go just like that . People like Sri are emerging in cities like Chennai and are the need of the hour especially for brides who need help and cannot get it from their dear ones. So here is her guest post from her about her services.Hi, folks,

People: So, you actually plan weddings?

Me: Uhmmmm… Kinda People: Woaah… So are you like a wedding contractor?

Me: Arggghhhh… No…! I don’t do weddings as a contract. I am a bridal assistant. I help the bride.

Well, that’s me. In a country like India, personal buyer, bridal assistant, shopping assistant, and even wedding planner/organizer are fairly tough terms to understand. However, what many don’t know is that they indeed need one. From helping you finalize on which nail polish to go with which saree to give suggestion on if you should wear a maang tikka or a tiara on your reception, bridal assistant is someone who is need of the hour for busy brides.



While some people consider big fat Indian weddings to be tiresome, boring, expensive, and stuff, I adore the Indian Weddings. From Sangeet to Bidaai, from Spinster Party to Honeymoon Planning, and what not, there is a plenty of things to plan, organize, and do. Being a TamBrahm myself, I have seen the way wedding cermonies in my culture change from time to time. 20 years back, the weddings lasted for seven days and the wedding I attended in my family circle 3 years back lasted less than 24 hours. I wondered what went wrong, and when I spoke to the bride, groom, and their parents, the answer I got was, “No time!” With both the set of parents and both bride and groom working, people hardly get time to plan each parties specifically. Giving the planning in hands of wedding contractors may not be customized to one’s taste and wishes. So, people merely skip to have a simple wedding or a wedding where they try to fit in all the rituals in a hasty manner.

The second problem was the cost of marriage hall and stuff. Planning a small event like Mehandi in one’s home can be time consuming, while taking a wedding hall can be expensive, so mostly Mehandi gets combined with Sangeet/Reception. Here is where we come into play, we have time, we have ample knowledge in fashion, style, and wedding trends in India, and we have keen passion for shopping. From picking out your wedding trousseau before you arrive from your destination to the wedding destination, in case of NRI brides and grooms, or helping you to roam around and pick that perfect Lehanga, Sari, Sherwani, and/or suit, for brides who have time to roam but badly need a person to help with, we would help you on it.

Apart from shopping, we even provide services like creating a themed spinster/bachelor party, a fun-filled Mehandi ceremony, or a dazzling Sangeet event. While, most wedding planners do assist on this, what makes us special is that, in the past we have done most of these on very limited budget, as well as done these in smaller venues like terrace, garden, or pool area of one’s own home.

Brides can choose us a full-fledged wedding planner, who will bring in the in-house MUA, Photographer/Videographer, etc., or you can separately pick us for individual services like bridal assistance, shopping assistance, EmCee, DJ, etc. If you have more queries on what our service, please feel free to comment below/email to srilakshmi.indrasenan@gmail.com. We are based out currently in Chennai and Hyderabad, and at times we do operate from Bangalore. We are also open to travel to other cities.

What is your view about bridal assistants like Sri? Will you want to hire someone like her for your wedding? Tell me what you think 🙂


12 thoughts on “S(t)ri is here for brides and bridezillas!!

  1. Hi
    Can you pls tell me how to contact her


  2. Super jan !! if not for this share , have no clue about such services 🙂 All the best srilakshmi

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  3. That’s really awesome! A definite common problem for NRI brides.. good job srilakshmi!
    Had I knew before my life must have been simple.. :(..
    Now I managed everything in my own but qould be definitely good to keep in mind!

    And you janani.. great job to bring such people on forefront so people like us know about it!

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  4. Migha feelings oda sollanam na – more than wedding planner we need planners who can find the ever ageing eligible bachelors a ‘bride’ 🙂 Jokes apart this is a good trend!!

    Best wishes for your wedding Janani and good luck to you Srilakshmi 🙂

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  5. That’s the best way to actually enjoy the day and leave the small details to someone you trust.

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  6. Yes, a great concept…why not hire professionals in the field!

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  7. Reblogged this on Chennai Focus – A Tabloid on Chennai and commented:
    Bridal Assistant and Personal Shoppers are becoming the trend. How many times you wonder how nice it would to be to have someone who can help in choosing your clothes, accessories and if the person turns out to be a know it all, its a double delight.


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