Get, set and go!

A short post!

Phew! My last post before I hop into the plane and have a whole month of wedding celebrations! I am super excited to land in India and dive into a shopping spree. I hope jet lag doesn’t ruin it during my first week. I am also looking forward to see and experience the real action now 😀

Thanks to all who have been following my Wedding Series 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed it and no it hasn’t ended as yet. I hope to update my blog with more information and also upload pictures of the planning all through the month.

I am still open to contributors and guest blog posts on topics related to making weddings meaningful , so please do drop in a mail to  Please follow for updates 🙂

See you from Chennai!!


The Artist my invitees are talking about!!

No, don’t get confused with the title. I am not complaining that someone else being talked about at MY wedding. It is just that more number of  guests are RSVPing just because they loved my invite and everyone wanted to know about the artist behind it:) So how could I not feature this amazing person and super-talented artist at my Wedding Series?
Saranya Ravichandran : She was my acquaintance long before we worked together on this and I remember one of her first questions to be about New York. I used to love her work and told her I wanted her to do my invite even before I was engaged 😛
She loves art, she loves travel and I later knew that she particularly loves NYC and one day aspires to become an artist in the Big Apple 🙂
So, here you go, in conversation with Saranya Ravichandran, Visual artist . You can find her works at Sketch, the doodle company. Do follow her page and send some appreciation her way if you loved my invite (and her work) 🙂

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Getti Melam, Getti Melam!



Groom Walks Out Of Wedding In Karnataka Over Bad Rasam Served In Function. No this isn’t fake news. This happened for real 15 days ago and was much discussed on social media. And these kind of things have been happening for years at Indian weddings, a relative getting upset with a color of saree gifted or in-laws getting upset if the size of the sweets were small. So it ranges from weddings getting cancelled to someone being discontent for years about something trivial. And of course completely oblivious to why the whole wedding was happening!!

So when Madhvi pinged about the topic she wanted to write, I thought it was perfect.  Thank you Madhvi for this amazing post. And YOU reading this -I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂  Continue Reading

The Weekend of Firsts!

I had changed my outfit thrice, checked my hair a few times and was all set to leave an hour earlier than required. It was a mix of excitement, a tiny bit of nervousness, loads of butterflies in my stomach. I was going to meet someone for the very first time. Someone with whom I had had some amazing conversations, someone whose calls brought a smile, someone I felt I had fallen for (or risen for), someone with whom I connected on different levels, someone who just felt right. We had been introduced by a common friend and had been chatting away for  a few months and finally our schedules matched to meet. I was supposed to meet him at the airport and check him into a hotel. I couldn’t eat. I killed time by going to the university store, bought a card and a stuffed mascot.

It was a 2 hour train ride to the airport and you can imagine what my over analytic, over thinking brain was going through. Is he the one? How is this weekend going to be? Is a weekend enough to make decisions? What if he is a psychopath? (Sorry R!) Should I have brought change of clothes just in case? What if I get heart broken? What happens next if it does work? I texted my friend with all this. She reassured that either way I was going to be fine and that with the progress in the last few months she seemed to think it was going to work.


The first picture 🙂

At the airport: I was getting hungry and bought some munchkins to snack on. The plane had arrived. As I went up the escalator , he had already gone down (classic right?). I came back down looking at him LIVE for the first time with loads of butterflies. Our eyes met, he had an amazing smile showing off his dimple and came to give me a tightttt hug as soon as I got off the elevator. My doubts, nervousness, second guessing everything I should say vanished with that first touch. And so had my shyness.

We checked in to the hotel and it was almost mid night.

“So what do you want to do?” he asked.

“Ermm..I am hungry. Can we go to IHoP ? ”

The nearest one was a 30 min drive. I didn’t care. I was famished with all the waiting and excitement. So we went on our first mid-night drive. I ordered (didn’t really notice if he even ordered!!) and started gobbling my food as soon as it was served and when I looked up after a few minutes, he was looking at me, he plate almost untouched.

“Aren’t you eating?”

“No, I am not really hungry.”

“Emm..okay! But I am hungry and I am going to finish this okay??”

“Go ahead! And don’t worry about me.”

So I did finish my dinner or I should say an early breakfast with also a little guilt that the poor guy who had traveled from the other coast and who drove so far didn’t really eat anything.With other things looming in my head I never realized how I had ‘demanded’ a person meeting me for the first time to take me to a place in the middle of the night because I needed food. As you might already know, I love food and this incident for R was a glimpse into his future. He now drives to the places I want to try and many a time just looks at me eat (with oodles of love ) 😛 And many times we remind each other of when I wanted an omelette in the middle of the night (or the first date as I call it) and smirk!

And as we get all set to leave for the wedding. I have already listed out the places I want to go and eat in Chennai during the trip 😀

Continuing the story..We went back and spent the night chatting away for the most part. And we had an amazing first weekend together and by the end of it some decisions had been made 😉 And one of the important ones was that wherever we were I needed food every few hours. Being jet-lagged he had lost his appetite and also kept forgetting I needed replenishment. So there I was reminding that it was time for breakfast, lunch and dinner all three days 😀

We have had many more weekends, well planned and more eventful but our first still ranks the top.

It was our Weekend of Firsts 🙂


5 Discussions to have once you are Engaged


Whether you have known each other for years or only a few months, you will be surprised at the number of people who really don’t know some basic things about their significant other. For starters I didn’t know R’s blood group or his designation at work until a month ago and we have been engaged for a year now 😮

So I came up with five things which (I think) you should talk about when you get committed/engaged with each other.

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