The Artist my invitees are talking about!!

No, don’t get confused with the title. I am not complaining that someone else being talked about at MY wedding. It is just that more number of  guests are RSVPing just because they loved my invite and everyone wanted to know about the artist behind it:) So how could I not feature this amazing person and super-talented artist at my Wedding Series?
Saranya Ravichandran : She was my acquaintance long before we worked together on this and I remember one of her first questions to be about New York. I used to love her work and told her I wanted her to do my invite even before I was engaged 😛
She loves art, she loves travel and I later knew that she particularly loves NYC and one day aspires to become an artist in the Big Apple 🙂
So, here you go, in conversation with Saranya Ravichandran, Visual artist . You can find her works at Sketch, the doodle company. Do follow her page and send some appreciation her way if you loved my invite (and her work) 🙂

1. How did it all start?
I just like colors and playing with it from childhood, have been doing random illustrations like any other kid,and my interest for illustration reflected in my biology notebooks and records. I wanted to pursue fine arts for which parents were little worried and said what can you do with just drawing. Then I chose to do Visual Communication. My professors at Loyola guided me in buying interesting art equipment ( Technical pen, water color foils, etc). I wanted money after college and chose a random job still related to what I studied. I used to draw fun illustrations for friends everyday. If they say I feel like eating biriyani. I will draw a sketch of them eating biriyani and give. Prashanth and Sowmya were the two friends who asked why don’t you take it as a profession. Then I opened a Facebook page ‘SKETCH’ and started getting projects.


That’s my invitation 🙂 What do you think? And can you guess the theme?


2. What inspires you?
People, nature, anything around me is an inspiration for taking a pencil and color and doing an illustration.
3.What are all the art related things you do?
Wedding invitations is be the trending thing, I work on anything and everything under the sun which needs illustration.
4. How do you create?
Pencil, water colors and papers are my all time favorite tools, recently I started using a basic wacom bamboo graphic tablet. I am not a big fan of illustration software. But I started using it for the flexibility of getting what my clients ask for.
What is your most favorite sketch?

Chasing her lanterns 🙂

Testimonial: What more do you need than her clients talking about her. I texted my good friends Vatsan and Divya who had their invitation done just before mine and this is what they had to tell.
“She translates words to sketch. Just go to her with an abstract idea. Her rough draft will give you a whole new dimension and you end up creating an amazing design. The cartoon images she does deliberately doesn’t look like you, but holds exactly your face reaction. There is so much life in her work. She creates a world of emotion and whole lot of life”

Vatsan and Divya’s Invitation 🙂

Thanks a lot for the work Saranya :-* Loads of love and I hope you come to New York City soon 🙂
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6 thoughts on “The Artist my invitees are talking about!!

  1. She can indeed create a business out of it…i wish her good luck with come over to NYC 🙂

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  2. Wow, nice and a different invite. Not sure if elders will appreciate it as much, but friends and colleagues should like it. I might want to do something different for my marriage invitation too – so will keep this in my mind. Thanks for introducing a talented ‘invitation’ artist to us 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    Liked by 1 person

    • 🙂 Thank you! Fortunately, the elders in our houses loved it 🙂 She does the art depending on our tastes and asks a bunch of questions about the bride and groom before penning the drafts. So, I think that helped in getting the best output.


  3. This is quite a funky invite, if I may 🙂

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  4. Jan, invitation looks super lovely. Saranya, you’re exceptionally talented!! Keep up the good work, girl!! 🙂

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