The New Journey Begins!

Yes, I am back with a change in status! Now I have to tick the ‘married’ box in any application and introduce R as the husband 🙂
Starting with saree shopping the day I arrived in Chennai, finding a tailor to stitch blouses, buying jewlery, dealing with various vendors for flowers, food, photography, bangles, mehendi, return gifts, meeting guests who cannot make it to the wedding prior to it. Every evening when I walked home, all I wanted to do was sleep. In addition to the physical work was the added emotional stress and tensions with the immediate family.
The days before the wedding days were almost sleepless, not just for me but for the closest family and friends as well. In the end everything was a haze. I did what was told to me, I smiled the whole time, I made sure I ate every meal. I made sure I enjoyed the long process and that I was happy the whole time.

Did someone come? Not come? Didn’t like the food or loved it? Was someone not treated well? Did everyone receive the return gifts? Etc etc etc ..I have no idea. Well, maybe that’s what happens when your wedding is almost 3 days long.
I had set a reminder to post every two days during my trip in Chennai. But I couldn’t , I couldn’t partially because I was busy and partially because I had too much to share and express which I couldn’t,  if you know what I mean. I would open my WordPress app, start typing and close it without posting. This happened quite a few times and finally I gave up. I just stopped trying and went ahead to experience ‘The Wedding’.
Anyways all is well, I survived it. Lots to share, lots of new learnings and experiences. I hope to write about them soon.
Yours truly
The married Jan 😉


13 thoughts on “The New Journey Begins!

  1. I love your photo and I want to hear all about the process. I wish you and R all the best in your beautiful marriage.

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  2. Congratulations, and to a long life of joy and bliss!

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  3. welcome to world of happiness and love ❤ happy married life and happiness ahead 🙂

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  4. Congratulations Jan and R!! Have a blessed, happy married life 🙂

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  5. Wish you all the best in this lifelong journey with R!

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  6. Congratulations married lady!!! Can’t wait till you are well rested and we meet up. There’s no pressure in that statement, btw. Haha!

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  7. Congratulations!! Best Wishes for a wonderful married life 😉

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  8. Congratulations Jan! Looking forward to the details.

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  9. Welcome to the club Janani! Glad it all went relatively well. Congratulations to you both 😄

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  10. Many congratulations.

    Hope you and R have a fantastic life together ☺️

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