We did it!! A BIG thank you !!

Nandri! Dhanyavaadalu! Danke! Gracias! Merci! Shukriya! Grazie! Kiitos!

With extreme happiness and contentment I want to let everyone know that we hit our target (actually higher than planned :D) on our wedding fundraiser. It wouldn’t have been possible without YOUR support and all the support from all around – friends, family, well-wishers, acquaintances, people we know, don’t know . Thanks to each and everyone who helped us with the campaign. We both had so many reach out to us asking about it . And I personally even connected with quite a few like-minded people through this venture. It means a lot to us and I think its a great start to our married life.
This means that we will be helping 200 children in Chennai, India get quality supplementary education.

I request anyone who feel that you don’t want gifts for your birthdays, weddings, family celebrations to please divert it to a good cause instead of denying it because gifting is an etiquette even if you don’t need it so why not use it for a nobler cause?


I am sure all the sharing in the last few months might have been annoying to some but we had to do it. I apologize if it got to your nerves. But this isn’t going to stop me from doing more similar things in the future and bugging you for it 😀

Thanks again for all your support 🙂



20 thoughts on “We did it!! A BIG thank you !!

  1. […] If you have been following my blog, you probably know that I have a socially-conscious side of me. I believe strongly in giving back to the society and making the world a better place in every little way we can. One of my major projects being my Wedding Fundraiser. […]


  2. That is awesome! I’m proud of this chennai girl and team! Hope, this wonderful cause reaches great heights in life. A all the very best from my side☺☺😘

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    • Thanks Saalai! It was a very heartwarming experience for us as well 🙂

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      • I get to know a lot about you by screening your posts. Wow! What a personality! You are a true inspiration for many of us. I didn’t hit the like button, since I’m having exam and I may forget to comment after my exams. So, will check out all your posts once again and be prepared to reply to all my comments. ☺. I’m looking forward to contacting you through someother means. Let’s discuss after my exams😁. Proud of my blog-sister😉☺😁. 😘

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      • Hey Saalai! Good luck with your exams..I am sure you will do well! Inspiration is a big word ..thank you for the compliment. I look forward to your comments. We can definitely connect offline 🙂 These are my contacts: Twitter @zanyajan; Email: jansdoodles@gmail.com; FB: http://www.facebook.com/jansdoodles.

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      • Thanks a lot sis. You deserve being called like that. Will soon catch you up. Thanks for providing contact details. Will be in touch. :-)☺ keep doing this great work. Love ya 😘


  3. This is fantastic! Well done!

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  4. Great, Heartwarming!! Congratulations

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  5. This is awesome! Congratulations 😊

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  6. Congratulations! Heartwarming.

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  7. Fantastic!.Thank you both for doing something that will be so meaningful to so many people 🙂

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  8. You guys are such an inspiration. Congratulations and wishing you all happiness! May your tribe increase! 🙂

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