The Broken ‘First Night’ System!


Do you have to prove you are pure on your wedding night” asked the hairstylist .

I looked at her in shock (actually a mix of emotions) through the mirror.

I was getting my hair done just before I was leaving to India for my wedding and we were having small talk
I am *X country person* and I would expect my daughter to prove she is pure on her wedding night” she added

That did not make this conversation any more comfortable . I changed the subject and avoided her question. I was offended no doubt, but also kind of POed with myself for not having said anything back. But I did know I couldn’t have said anything that would have made the conversation any better.

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Smiley Media- bringing a smile on and off camera!


This adorable munchkin is Vyaas P.C. Smiley media

He had a smile all through and she was charming . No, I am not talking about the bride and groom but their photographers Mani and Sharadha of SmileyMedia. This photographer team definitely made my wedding day. I had been following Sharadha’s work for months on social media and when I spoke to Sharadha to ask about Smiley Media as a possible photographer  for mine 1. I loved her client interaction. 2. I was super-excited to have a female photographer.

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Meet the Parents

Well, the wedding series continues and I am catching up on all drafts that were typed over the last month.


Isn’t that one of the exciting and nerve racking things after you have met the SO? If you are an NRI bride like me, chances are that you are going to ‘meet the parents’ only before your engagement or your wedding. Or the first time maybe even over Skype. However the case maybe, what are some things to keep in mind?
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