The (Queen) Bee of Mehendi!

Professional, extremely talented, friendly, focused, no-non sense.. these are my adjectives for Fa Bee and Noor who did an amazing job with my bridal mehendi and for all my close friends and relatives.


I saw the name ‘Fa Bee’ being mentioned very often in a popular city-specific shopping group on Facebook. Every time someone asked for Mehendi (Henna) artist people would comment Fa Bee. So I would reflexively check out her page every time I see her name being mentioned and was very impressed with her work. So several months ago when my wedding date was decided she was the only person I contacted to do my mehendi. We had a quick chat and I found her to be very professional and she was hired.

Though it was all set you never know right until people actually offer their services. Now after having experienced her services I have nothing but all praise for her work and her team. So I got chatting with her and she had an interesting story about how she came into this profession. What more does a blogger bride need eh?

So here you go a profile on my Mehendi artist Fa Bee with many beautiful


Fa Bee

pictures 🙂

How did you start doing this?

I was in sixth standard when I decided I am going to do this. It started with a small tiff with my aunt Kanthi. It was her wedding and she had hired a professional to apply henna for everyone. I kept waiting for my turn but I got missed out. I wasn’t happy with anyone else applying for my 13 yr old self and so told my aunt “One day I will apply mehendi professionally and all of them will come to me.” I started doing this when I was 15th and incidentally it was my aunt who got me my first client. I have been doing it for 14 years now and it’s being doing very well.


What do you love most about this profession?

It tests my creativity everyday and I always keep learning something new. Also, I meet new people and make new friends out of each client. This was born out of passion and I think I am very lucky to have a job I love and enjoy (Yes Fa Bee, many would love that 🙂)

This is a slideshow of their work! Enjoy..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


That’s her team!

What are the challenges you face? job requires me to focus and stay still for long periods so I have developed patience over time. Also, satisfying each client. Everyone has something in their mind for their D-day and it is done through me so I make sure they are happy in the end.

My testimonial:

Fa Bee and Noor arrived on time at my house and also made sure they called me when they started giving me a heads up to be ready. They made sure they dealt with all distractions (read selfies, dancing, loud music and food) that was happening around me and Fa Bee was firm on her instructions to make sure my henna turns out pretty the next day. Their work was really clean. On that particular day one of their team members was sick so with one person short it took them more time to apply mehendi for everyone. Ever smiling and patient dealing with everyone’s requests, Noor made sure she stayed until everyone was happy with their hands.

Their pricing was reasonable (to me) and stuck to only what they had asked for. I would highly recommend Fa Bee and her team if you are looking for a very professional mehendi artist. Please check out her Facebook page Yafa Mehendi Design. And please do show some love by appreciating her work 🙂

Here are some clicks from mine 🙂


Can you guess the theme?














‘Furious three’ of Jan’s Army (for the day!) 😛

Do you like henna/mehendi? Did you have it done anytime or would you like it to try? Let me know your story 🙂


3 thoughts on “The (Queen) Bee of Mehendi!

  1. girisubiramanium

    beautiful mehndi designs

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  2. Wow! The designs are so awesome. My sisters also do this. I will share their pics sometime 😉 It needs so much of concentration & precision 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is such tremendous work. I’m very impressed by both the artist and the person getting the art to stay still for so long throughout!

    Liked by 2 people

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