Meet the Parents

Well, the wedding series continues and I am catching up on all drafts that were typed over the last month.


Isn’t that one of the exciting and nerve racking things after you have met the SO? If you are an NRI bride like me, chances are that you are going to ‘meet the parents’ only before your engagement or your wedding. Or the first time maybe even over Skype. However the case maybe, what are some things to keep in mind?

In my case it was a Skype call and the real meet was just days before the wedding. So what are the things to be prepared about before you meet them for the first time.

Dress to impress

Whether it is in person or on Skype. Make sure you dress appropriately. Get tips from the SO about their taste and family values. Some may be fine with you wearing your jeans (or mini skirts) but some might prefer it to be more conservative. So, stick to their taste and on the safer side always be conservative. Even if they know that you love your shorts, they would appreciate you dressing up to impress them.

Keep conversations simple

You are going to be a part of their family so chances are over time they are going to know a lot more about you so chill. Don’t get into too many details  at your first meeting. And don’t go overboard by promising things you can’t fulfill. Observe, take in and keep it easy . Also, do not venture into topics that you are sure might lead to difference of opinion.

Don’t assume 

First and foremost, don’t make assumptions (good or bad) of people before you meet. If you are an Indian, chances are you hear about ‘evil’ MILs in all movies and TV serials. So erase all of those from your head and get to know them by yourself.You might have a picture of them from the SO but don’t assume them to be exactly how he/she has described. It is just the beginning of a relationship so take it as it comes.

Be yourself

In the name of trying to impress them do not change your values or views. Many times I have heard friends who project a persona that the parents might like but which isn’t really them. They either end up faking it for many years or disappoint them by showing the true colors after the wedding. So I guess you get the point.. be yourself 🙂

And the last one..

Show love (truly and openly!)

Often times we forget that they are (going to be) family when we meet them. Marriages not just unite two people but two families so be open about the fact that your affection isn’t restricted with your spouse. Any parent would have atleast a teeny bit of insecurity about the “new” person who is coming into their child’s life. So that simple gesture of accepting them with affection I was told, would go a long way.  Appreciate the fact that they are people who raised your SO. And always keep that in mind as long as you are in the relationship. And remember love never hurts!

What are your thoughts on first meetings and about in-laws?  Do you have any funny or interesting stories to share with us?



5 thoughts on “Meet the Parents

  1. Lots of good pointers. It can definitely be nerve racking!


  2. Great tips. Shared the link with a friend of mine who is going through the same phase 😛

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