Smiley Media- bringing a smile on and off camera!


This adorable munchkin is Vyaas P.C. Smiley media

He had a smile all through and she was charming . No, I am not talking about the bride and groom but their photographers Mani and Sharadha of SmileyMedia. This photographer team definitely made my wedding day. I had been following Sharadha’s work for months on social media and when I spoke to Sharadha to ask about Smiley Media as a possible photographer  for mine 1. I loved her client interaction. 2. I was super-excited to have a female photographer.



And then I met Mani , her partner in crime who was equally charming. Unfortunately Sharadha had a minor accident on her way to meet R and myself :-/ and could not work for my wedding.  Mani had to take over this project and boy, he and his team were amazing. Always smiling and coaxing us for one more pose or picture but never forcing us. The poor team had a bride ( yes!) who kept blinking her eyes every few seconds because of the lights, contacts, fake lashes and make up and a groom who disliked posing for pictures. And yet they managed to get a great output. They interacted so well with my guests that a couple of them reminded me to write a post about Mani, Sharadha and their team 🙂 So here you go.. some questions followed by my testimonial!

  1. How did Smiley Media start?

Smileymedia was started in the year 2011 when
Sharadha was still in her last year of



college. Sharadha always wanted to be an entrepreneur as she never believed in 9-6 jobs sitting in front of a computer. She wanted to explore and she is a very creative person. I know Sharadha since school. We grew up together and when she was sharing the idea of starting a firm called SmileyMedia with me, we knew we were gonna do it together. I completed my engineering , being passionate about photography, we took up photography as our profession and started our journey together.

Mani answered this because he clearly seemed very proud of Sharadha and felt his answer would do more justice 🙂

2) What’s your tagline?

 Spreading smiles – SmileyMedia is not just a business it’s a relationship. We believe in spreading smiles to our clients and anyone who walks into SmileyMedia. We wanted to be a medium that spreads smiles and so we named ourselves SmileyMedia. Both of us are happy and positive people we have smiles in abundance with us and we love to spread them around.

Jan’s finding: Smiley Media = SM = Sharadha & Mani 

They let me know that that was just a happy coincidence!

10 (1).jpg

The Moment 🙂

3) What drives your passion?

Our immense love for people’s emotion. Every time we have a wedding to be covered its never like we are going for a job or a work. We get so enthusiastic to see people smiling, happy tears and we chose wedding because it is where we could get the best of emotions. Its just happiness and smiles all around that gives us so much of positive energy . We will be as crazy as we are today, forever to shoot emotions.

Yes, I saw that. Never did anyone in your team appear tired or cross-faced and that helped us smile and not get frustrated as well 🙂


My fav moment 🙂


4) What do you hope to gain/give your clients?

Everlasting memories through our eyes. When we get calls after years from our old client who says we were going through the wedding album it is as fresh as that day! They thank us for giving them the best memory of a one time event. Nothing will come back. And we capture that important moments they cherish for all life. It is for that smile of our clients we strive. When our clients are happy we are extremely happy. What goes around comes around.

You will hear from R and I as well guys calling you when we are in town next time for a cup of coffee. I hope you aren’t super famous or busy then {actually I hope you both become super famous and yet make time for us :)}




My Testimonial:

  • Smiling , smiling , smiling all the time and ever so polite .


  • Professional and Punctual – My wedding was at 5 AM and they were there on the dot. The ceremonies prolonged and they stayed till the end. We had a tentative plan of having a small gathering after the wedding and Mani even offered to send a photographer later for the same.


  • Accommodating and Understanding – I  knew after 3 weeks that a friend of mine from US was watching the live telecast and had been pinging them constantly about issues she was facing and how they responded to her. When she called me to congratulate , she seemed to have more to say about the photographers and how they made her day 😀
  • The personal touch : They got to know who is who at the wedding and made sure everyone was captured and not just the bride and groom.
  • Reasonable – Pricewise , they were the best quote I got. For someone who was told that the more they charge , the better they are. Smiley Media never compromised on quality anywhere and were the most affordable (based on the research I did).


Check out their webpage:

and Facebook page:
All picture copyrights : Smiley Media

If you ever need  a photographer for any of your special moments I highly recommend this amazing couple and their team 🙂  Please find a slideshow of more pictures below. What do you think of my pictures ? As always feel free to email me at or message/follow me on Facebook

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5 thoughts on “Smiley Media- bringing a smile on and off camera!

  1. This is a beautiful testimonial for making memories on one of your important days.. 🙂 do they travel to other states?

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  2. Lovely pictures 🙂 they sure seem amazing ! It would be great if you could also share their rates/packages because that was one my decision factors and potential clients could also use the information 🙂 just my opinion!

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