Love and long distance!

Long distance relationships are a beautiful yet a heart breaking kind. One where it makes your bond stronger and your vulnerability higher. The words below are dedicated to mine 🙂

I fall in love ..yet again, losing count of it

Every time you look closer into the screen when you see me upset

Every time you smile…showing off your dimple,

And reassure everything is going to be alright

Every time there is a  frozen screen with your rare grin

Or your not-so-rare frown!

Every time the phone rings with YOUR tune

And my heart skips a beat rushing to pick it up

The silent ‘I miss you‘s

The loud and generous ‘I love you‘s

The desperate ‘I can’t do this any more‘s

The lustful ‘I need you right now‘s

The increased heartbeat as I start packing to meet you

The butterflies in my stomach as I land,

To receive my I – can’t -hold-you-any-closer hug

And my -lips-needed-you kiss

The hands that holds mine tight all through

For it knows this isn’t going to last long!

Alas! The time comes..

A hug more tighter and longer than before,

The lips that linger and don’t want to let go

The hands that hold on over the barricade

And the tears that don’t stop flowing

The gaze that lasts until we disappear into the crowd

The journey alone back to your den

And I to mine

Until I see you again..

Ever been in a long distance relationship? Would love to hear your stories and thoughts. Also, please do follow me on Facebook –


20 thoughts on “Love and long distance!

  1. It is hard to find true love in this world. We are all looking for someone to share our hopes and dreams with.

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  2. […] Love and long distance! by Janani – A beautiful poem which anyone ever been in a long distance relationship can relate to […]

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