How to become an organ donor?

I had recently updated a life – event of becoming an organ donor. Immediately I had a lot of people asking how to do it. So here you go , procedure to register as an organ donor in India and USA.

How to become a donor in USA?


  • Designate your decision in your drivers license : It is very simple- just check the box when you apply/renew your license.
  • Let you family and friends know since they will be the ones ultimately doing it after you are gone. They should sign the consent form when the time arrives.
  • Mention it in your will, if you have one.

How to become a donor in India?

Register and get your donor card . You can register through any organization/hospital that identifies your consent. Few are listed below:

Carry your donor card at all times and make sure your family and friends know about it.

At the moment in India, legally, it is the next of kin of the donor who will decide whether to donate their organs or not. Even if you have pledged your organs, no donation will happen unless the next of kin gives the go ahead. Therefore when you do register anywhere to be an organ donor, it’s very important that you discuss your wish to donate with your family. This is to enable your family to carry out your wishes in case the need arises.

All these sites list the FAQs and myths of organ donation. Please read them before you make a decision.

Note: A friend of mine mentioned about health tests and assurance from insurance to register. I couldn’t really find any information regarding the same and it looks like you don’t need them to become a donor at this point. If any of you have more information, please do let me know 🙂

Thank you!


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