Bae or no Bae?

Bae,” Urban Dictionary says, is an acronym that stands for “before anyone else,” or a shortened version of baby or babe, another word for sweetie, and, mostly unrelated, poop in Danish.

The latest endearment word that’s been going around. Every time I read it I start laughing out loud because in my head a tiny voice says it out loud – baeee/behh/baaee. Believe me I wish I could record that voice and play it to you guys!

My latest way of driving R crazy has been by texting him bae whenever I am bored and enjoying his reaction every single time. To put it mildly, he hates it. It baffles him that of all the words already available to be used to call your SO , people chose bae. I am not a fan of it either but I don’t judge. I couldn’t care less if you call your SO in more revolting ways. As long as it has the effect you desire on the other person.



So why am I writing about this?

  1. If you didn’t notice , I have been off my game for a month now. I keep thinking I should update my blog but it never happened and so today was an ultimatum to myself. (and this was the best I could come up with :-/ )
  2. The usage of this word as a joke made me realize that such things can also create your moments. R’s realization on how bae is not his thing also made him realize what his words were and how their usage will shield him from getting more bae texts from me 😛

So what’s your take on this? Bae or bae .. what are your most favorite words to address your SO?






12 thoughts on “Bae or no Bae?

  1. You had me at Danish for poop Jan! HAHA! I personally don’t use it but it’s a word of endearment nonetheless =)

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  2. that was exactly my status few weeks ago. I never understood the whole Bae thing that’s taken the virtual world by storm … The bae I know is Kanta Bae 😛


  3. I thought bae was just a lazy way of saying babe or baby. It seems that no one can finish a word or a sentence anymore! Made me stop to wonder though!

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  4. I don’t use bae , I think it’s stupid and sounds ridiculous coming out of my mouth.I do say babe and sweetheart and baby. It’s Summer everyone needs time off now and then. I’ve slowed down because family has been visiting.

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  5. Seems I’m still of the medieval ages with “Aji sunti ho” 🙈

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  6. Yay you’re back, Jan!

    I first heard of bae like a year ago. I think I’ve used it once, I think on one of my profile photos for the calf I fell in love with. I’ve never used it towards my husband.

    My nickname for my husband is Ghaleez, which is a Hyderabadi Urdu terms for something filthy! I love my husband 😉

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  7. Live another day, learn another lesson. Learnt what bae is all about 🙂 happy stepping off the block.. Be a wordsmith and spread a little sunshine around 🙂 ain’t that quite worth a bae

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  8. Welcome back Jan. I know the feeling. Haven’t had writer’s block so much as having no time for writing. I kind of outlined/wrote my last one on my flight home since it was kind of about my trip and fresh in my mind! I find bae kind of an odd acronym. Others seem to flow off the tongue or in a text, but I’d prefer to keep it for bacon and eggs too :-p

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  9. I don’t like bae. I still say babe. Why can’t we just add the “b” back? I like it standing for bacon and eggs though.

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