On gender, being domestic et al! 

I am at the airport again, now on my way back. I have five hours to kill ..

So I am just back from an all-girls weekend with a group of friends from grad-school. This was the first time I am away after moving together with R. It felt a little weird (in a good way) to say home during conversations all through the weekend. Because this time ‘home’ meant ‘my own’ – with a kitchen and a man n all!!

img_20170110_201608.jpgThis post ties to a few things that happened before and during the past weekend.

Conversation 1-  Before the trip 

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At the Airport.. 

As I was sitting at the airport texting my friends saying I am going to board soon, one of them texted back “Deadly shooting at X airport”

 I rushed to look at the news on the screen near me. 5 dead and 19 injured.

“Wasn’t that our one of our choices.” another texted. Yes, my brain said. It was infact one of our top choices and it didn’t happen only because the flights were cheaper to the other airport in the same area. Five of us from across the country could have been at or flying to the airport that had the deadly shooting incident. For the first time, I started panicking looking at the plane in front of me.

  Such things can happen anywhere, anytime and especially in the present world where we hear about such attacks so much more often.What do we do? Can we stop travelling or going to public places? Should we constantly be freaking out? 

I guess we should just calm ourselves down and move on with hope. With faith that we will be safe and if not, that we face whatever comes our way. 

My heart goes out to everyone who were killed or injured today for absolutely no reason. To their families who were either traveling with them or were waiting for their arrival or worse , just bid goodbye. 

Now I am off to board my flight! 

Do tell me if you have had such moments and how you have handled them. Thanks!

What in the world!

I thought my first post of the year is going to be about domestic cohabitation or what I have learnt to cook. But, unfortnately no, I am here feeling appalled.

What happened you ask? Bangalore .. Mass molestation of women on New Year’s Eve in front of 1500 policemen happened. Women were grabbed, groped, touched, shoved around  during New Year Celebration in the city. As as they ran to the police asking for help nothing was done. It is claimed that the 1500 police were outnumbered.

A groups of males basically thought they were entitled enough to do anything to the females and nobody would hold them responsible (something happening all over the world right?).

As a Banaglore newspaper posted pictures, the police chief released a stament saying it  is concocted news by the journalists and a home minister stated that he blames the young people who were dressing up like westerners and copying them. And that “these things happen” .


Image may contain: one or more people and text

The few policemen who reacted just scared the men away and returned to their “positions”. Nobody thought of arresting them or calling for backup. They just scared them away.

As I read these articles and felt so hot and flustered, the next thing comes in, #NotAllMen hashtag. All the protectors of men and their rights declaring on social media that not all men are rapists , molestors etc etc. Seriously? *insert profanity* *more profanity*


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And after six days, the police have released a statement saying all this is true and that they are looking into CCTV footages and filing FIRs. And I know the end, they would arrest a couple of people and close the case. The men are all already roaming about scott-free gloating about how they got to grope women and never got caught.

And the women are scarred for life hesitating to go for a party each time from now, reliving this story for many many years to come.

What do I wish could be done? In the next post…




From 2016 to 2017! 

Hello everyone!!

How are you doing? It has been more than a  month since I even logged in to WordPress. Early November I was excited about NaBloPoMo, picked a topic ( a great one if I may say so) and the I went AWOL after Day 6. I picked up my phone a few times to continue but never did and the guilt added to no blog posts at all. I finally decided to log in and give y’all an update. 
First .. Happy New Year!

I don’t think anything much has changed/will change but it is always nice to have new beginnings. It will help us to relatively compare and associate events and decide if it was better or worse.

So….2016? I think it was an interesting year. Some top things of 2016.

On the blog:

I had a mixed year. I started off great with my wedding series and lots of guest posts.

I started a Travel tab and wrote about my solo trip to Hong Kong.

I had periods where I was active and periods I went AWOL. I started with NaBloPoMo but couldn’t keep up :-/ . I hope to start afresh and finish the challenge I took up.

Personal life:

Well.. I got married!!! The whole planning and experience was awesome! Stressful yes.. but good 🙂

I traveled a bit more than I have before. East Coast, Pacific Coast, India, HongKong and some weekend local trips.

I had some unexpected physical and mental ups and downs in the last few months (which is what life is all about right?).


wait for it..MY BIG MOVE!!

Yes.. if you have been following my blog you would have noticed my posts about my long distance relationship with R. I finally made up my mind and decided to quit everything and move!

Aren’t clean fresh starts great? I think so. New place, new people, new home.. the last month has been interesting. I sure miss my “woman cave” but (married) cohabitation seems to have its own benefits ( like how he collects my coffee mugs around the house and washes them 😛 or how I can get away with just doing laundry and leave the folding part to the other person). I hope to write more about all of it this year !

I hope all of you are doing well.. I am going to go and start reading your posts now. I hope to be more consistent and disciplined blogging-wise  this year*fingers-crossed*.

Happy New Year once again 🙂