At the Airport.. 

As I was sitting at the airport texting my friends saying I am going to board soon, one of them texted back “Deadly shooting at X airport”

 I rushed to look at the news on the screen near me. 5 dead and 19 injured.

“Wasn’t that our one of our choices.” another texted. Yes, my brain said. It was infact one of our top choices and it didn’t happen only because the flights were cheaper to the other airport in the same area. Five of us from across the country could have been at or flying to the airport that had the deadly shooting incident. For the first time, I started panicking looking at the plane in front of me.

  Such things can happen anywhere, anytime and especially in the present world where we hear about such attacks so much more often.What do we do? Can we stop travelling or going to public places? Should we constantly be freaking out? 

I guess we should just calm ourselves down and move on with hope. With faith that we will be safe and if not, that we face whatever comes our way. 

My heart goes out to everyone who were killed or injured today for absolutely no reason. To their families who were either traveling with them or were waiting for their arrival or worse , just bid goodbye. 

Now I am off to board my flight! 

Do tell me if you have had such moments and how you have handled them. Thanks!


One thought on “At the Airport.. 

  1. Have a safe trip dear. And unfortunately that is the world that we live in and it passes through my mind when I worked in an airport or when I board a flight.


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