D for Dosa #AtoZChallenge


As you can guess.. FOOD is going to play a major role in this challenge. As I assume for many stay-at-home spouses I spend a considerable amount of time cooking as opposed to five months ago where I never had to cook (I had a nice Indian lady who cooked and provided food every week..sigh!). Anyway.. one of the dishes I make on a regular basis is DOSA, rice & lentil pancake made from fermented batter.

Like many things I took for granted, dosa was one of them. Amma would keep making and I would keep eating and now the same happens with R. I keep making and he keeps eating :-O . And few times the vice versa happens as well 🙂 The point being it takes more effort than one would imagine.

Mind you, I still don’t know how to make the batter (or I have never made it yet). Why bother when you get homemade-like batter. Remember? I am the girl who lived as a royal bachelor five months ago. But making dosa meals have become kinda an intimate routine for R and me.

One of the major things I/We learnt in the dosa making process was the magic dosa-maker called the cast-iron pan. Who knew just learning how to season a cast iron and use it well would make a huge difference in the quality of our dosa meals. As our first few dosas got stuck and became inedible, we experienced joy seeing the quality of dosas improve in few tries. Tip: Never leave a cast iron pan in the sink 

And as our frequency of dosa meals increased so has my ability to learn and make more kinds of chutneys 😀 (Please tell me what your favorite side dish is)

I have had days when making a round, crispy dosa as an afternoon tiffin/ snack was the most interesting thing that day (just saying, not complaining!). img_20170103_100255597.jpg

It can easily be stated as the best breakfast/lunch/dinner ever in our home! (Sorry idlies!) and it gets its own blog post since it is so comforting, caring and awesome!

What is your relationship with dosas?

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6 thoughts on “D for Dosa #AtoZChallenge

  1. I cannot make good dosas at all. So all dosa making in our house is done by the husband on our cast iron pan. I make the chutney and sometimes masala too. Uttapams- I can make decently on a mini pancake non stick pan but definitely no patience for thin, crispy , perfect dosas


  2. I’m not a south Indian. But, I had been staying in Hyderabad for a long time. That time dosa was our part of life. But, we missed it very much after coming in Kolkata. It’s very difficult to make dosa batter in the hot and humid weather of Kolkata.

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    D for dog


  4. I can so relate to the keep making and keep eating part and how the receiving end changed 😃 Cast iron dosa pan creates magic. I was using a non stick one initially and moved to cast iron now. The maintenance part is not as easy as the non stick, but it is totally worth the effort.. ☺️

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  5. I love dosa, set dosa over the other kind 😉 idli’s have a special place in my heart too :p

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  6. Making dosa batter is no big deal if u have a blender… Soak rice and urad dal together in 4:1 ratio with a spoon of fenugreek seeds… Grind after a few hours and let it ferment…. A lot more costeffective and a lot tastier than the store bought ones… Have u tried making Masala dosa?


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