We did it!! A BIG thank you !!

Nandri! Dhanyavaadalu! Danke! Gracias! Merci! Shukriya! Grazie! Kiitos!

With extreme happiness and contentment I want to let everyone know that we hit our target (actually higher than planned :D) on our wedding fundraiser. It wouldn’t have been possible without YOUR support and all the support from all around – friends, family, well-wishers, acquaintances, people we know, don’t know . Thanks to each and everyone who helped us with the campaign. We both had so many reach out to us asking about it . And I personally even connected with quite a few like-minded people through this venture. It means a lot to us and I think its a great start to our married life.
This means that we will be helping 200 children in Chennai, India get quality supplementary education.

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Let’s start with Meaningful!

Make it Meaningful is the theme for the series as well as my wedding. So one of the first things we did even before we started the actual planning was to discuss what is meaningful to us. A major bond in our relationship happened when we knew we both cared for better humans than anything else . And we thought (maybe) education is one of the major sources to bring about a change in people and shape better generations to come by.

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