B for Baking #AtoZChallenge

BThe divine smell of sugar, butter, fresh cookies wafting.. I have read it so so many times and experienced it of course in bakeries, pastry shops and now at home..my home 🙂 Feels so good to say that! One of the new things I am learning is baking. I was bored one Sunday evening as R had to work and so I decided to browse through recipes and make something. Shortbread Cookies it was ..Flour, Butter and Sugar! What could go wrong I thought. The house smelled truly amazing. The cookies were ok-ok. I did not have any measuring tools, baking tray (I used foil) or even a whisk.So that was a learning 🙂

The next day I was so excited about baking, I printed a recipe and decided to buy every single item needed for it including mixing bowl, loaf pan, whisk, ingredients and made it to the dot. The result was superb! I decided to make Orange Pecan Tea Bread (that was just one of the first things that came up on google :P)

Following the success of a fluffy moist tea bread, baking has now become a pretty regular thing in my weekly chores and a great therapeutic hobby I should add (well..you get to eat what you bake right :D).

After my first trip to buy Baking 101 things, I ended up buying much more , one of which was a mini-muffin pan. Above are my experiments with the same.

Breakfast bites – Kale, eggs, cheese and bell pepper baked.

Zucchini and Strawberry mini muffins which turned to be pretty popular in my house.

Still a novice but I think baking is here to stay 🙂 You can follow me on Instagram to see my journey www.instagram.com/zanyajan.

Please do leave your comments on what I should try next and if you have them on your blog I would love to try your recipe !!