Power of Touch

In response to Daily Prompt’s Power of Touch

I was watching the new show on Netflix yesterday called ‘Master of None’ by Aziz Ansari. In that particular episode, titled ‘Parents’ , Asian/Indian parents/parenting was portrayed. I could relate to it A LOT and I would confidently say many such as me would relate to it. In a scene, they talk about how Asian parents never hug or touch their kids in anyway. This is something I have lamented about my own many a time. My mom recoils if I even touch her accidentally and she kind of takes pride in that and finds (I think) the concept of touch kind of gross. I would find it extremely weird and thought maybe that is how it is supposed to be. So I don’t really have memories rushing in related to touch and childhood.

But things changed when I got to high school and college (No no, don’t let your imagination soar, I am from a very conservative society so the touches I am talking here are handshakes and hugs from close friends!). But growing up with almost no touch I found it weird to even shake hands with people in general and at the end of high school , I think it got better.

Then came college where the awkwardness loosened and hugs with friends seemed pretty common . The positive thing being, when I think of touch all the memories do come rushing in about the fun I had had with the closest friends (who still are) in my life. And it only got better during grad school.

And now many a time memories with touch comfort me. Being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) with R is probably one of the best experiences in life. No I don’t exactly support it, LDRs suck but they also teach you of appreciating what you don’t have. What a hug everyday doesn’t bring out is brought out when you receive the same every few months. It taught me the power of touch and how that enhances your relationship with anyone. I hug my friends, family, my nephew and nieces and anyone who needs it. I hold anyone’s hand who are in need of comfort and love.

There is a lot that can be conveyed via touch which cannot be expressed through words. That reassuring squeeze on your shoulder, those fingers interlocking your hand, that warm hug, that tight hug, that warm tight hug, that shoulder to cry on, that lap to rest your head, just the very minimal touch with your dear one next to you doing your own thing, did I mention hug?

So yes hugs rock , any good touch makes a lot of difference in your quality of life. What is the touch that affects you the most? And what do you miss? or wish to experience? Let me know 🙂

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My Mentor and I!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mentor Me.”

“Ruth” – The woman who trusted me in a  new country and gave me a kick start for my career. I was at a point where I had enrolled for a program which had no students (Yes..NO OTHER!). This was a niche and I had no idea that I was going to be alone until after I had decided my career path. Graduate school, new country, new courses. I randomly emailed her seeking help. Telling her that I wish to pursue a career in her field and maybe she could help me. She did..what started off as an unpaid internship ended after two years as an almost full-time position.


She taught me all I needed, molded me, rectified and repaired my flaws and mistakes with patience. More than double my age but we also bonded to be friends, a person whom I sought to share my emotions, my joys and disappointments. She was my confidante, my friend , my mother-figure, my boss and my teacher. She was my pillar when I was on the verge of failure too. Just the fact that a stranger could trust me so much brought out the best out of me. I learnt not just professionally but personally to be a better person.

I have moved away and still I look forward to sharing the changes in my life with her and also knowing about what she is up-to.

She is one person whom I  dedicate my career to. She was my inspiration, I admire and adore her. I will always love you Ruth ❤

If you have had a mentor who had you under their wings and then let you fly , you are a very lucky person. So tell me who that was and how they influenced your life 🙂