The Light in Me

“The light in me honors the light in you ” says my yoga instructor.

Diwali 2016 : I ate  Magic beans and milk chocolate from Trader Joe’s instead of jalebi and adhirasam from Grand Sweets. I received seer from my family by choice who live near me instead of my parents who live far. My celebration was with people who share love instead of blood or language or culture. It wasn’t the taste of my grandmother’s homemade food that caused a lump in my throat but a tight hug from my friend wishing me well. 

Thala Diwali ( First Diwali after your wedding). In my culture, the first Diwali is considered special. The couple is given a lot of attention on this day by drowning them in calories, gifts and love. To me it was yet another festival far away from home and now my husband too.

When I sent out an invite to all my friends at work who have never celebrated Diwali..I didn’t think of it much. I reserved a table at a restaurant that promised a BIG BUFFET. Everyone were excited and started asking questions. I explained the celebration and about ‘Thala Diwali’  the previous day. 

As we sat down to dig into the buffet I received a bag filled with goodies. I was told this was my seer or the gift bag that parents would have given the couple. Though my family by blood couldn’t be there together to celebrate , my family by choice did. As I felt overwhelmed, thanking them over and over , all my friend said was “You deserve it” . I don’t know if I deserve it but I knew I wished for it. And this was the world fulfilling my wish in its own way. 

It definitely is going to be a very memorable thala Diwali 🙂 And I truly completely felt the festival of lights within me. 

“The light within me honors the light within all these people who made my day ” Happy happy Diwali to all of you from R and J 🙂