Hear hear – about Adult Coloring!

Yaay! Here is our second post on Screen Free Challenge Why should kids have all the fun? Divya is the famous roommate I keep mentioning in my posts. A techie by profession, an old soul, proud feminist, a movie – buff , avid book reader and the list goes on. Adult coloring has been the new buzz in town. She started doing it recently and has been having a lot of fun.

Read on in her own words:

I, like everyone else, am constantly surrounded by so many means of communication, constantly updating with the latest info. My day starts with checking work emails in bed and ends with the same. Also, the constant influx of plethora of information all around, is overwhelming as we all love to be well-informed of the current events, popular opinions and debates over those opinions! When did pleasurably reading an article, enjoying the prose and content become skimming and scrolling through pages just catching the buzz words!

I like to color in my free time. There are a lot of grown-up coloring books in the market now-a-days; Barnes and Noble (USA) has them in their front entrance. It requires only a little creative input and imagination but gives a great amount of satisfaction in a short amount of time. It’s aesthetic, soothing, clears your mind, gives a certain calmness that only meditation can. (You can also find these books in any leading bookstore and on Amazon)


Some samples. Don’t they look lovely?

I guess, that’s what made me think of doing something so rudimentary and simple that forces you to concentrate. There is no skipping here, no careless short cuts. You gotta color the whole grid. I guess, it made me slow down, catch my breath after a stressful day. Instead of sub-consciously turning on tv and filling my brain with junk, I get to sit down with a coloring book and pencils and fill those pages with colors and have a beautiful outcome. It indeed is a beautiful way to meditate, practice patience and complete a task. I am now trying to explore different ways to color, use different mediums like water color pencils, various techniques to create something more artistic and develop my creativity.

P.S. If anyone is interested, try Joanna Basford’s “Secret garden” and “Enchanted forest“. Her illustrations are just beautiful.

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13 thoughts on “Hear hear – about Adult Coloring!

  1. By the way, I had been meaning to get back to you on this. Awhile back we got a coloring book and I have doodled in it myself, and it is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. I look forward to doing more 🙂

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  2. I had no idea there were such a thing as adult coloring books! I am very intrigued by that idea. Thanks for this post!

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  3. A great engagement.. You have to express what you truly like.. Rightly said!

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  4. Wow those are beautiful! I love anything artistic ❤


  5. Well yes, why should kids have all the fun? 🙂

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