Smiley Media- bringing a smile on and off camera!


This adorable munchkin is Vyaas P.C. Smiley media

He had a smile all through and she was charming . No, I am not talking about the bride and groom but their photographers Mani and Sharadha of SmileyMedia. This photographer team definitely made my wedding day. I had been following Sharadha’s work for months on social media and when I spoke to Sharadha to ask about Smiley Media as a possible photographer  for mine 1. I loved her client interaction. 2. I was super-excited to have a female photographer.

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The (Queen) Bee of Mehendi!

Professional, extremely talented, friendly, focused, no-non sense.. these are my adjectives for Fa Bee and Noor who did an amazing job with my bridal mehendi and for all my close friends and relatives.


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The Artist my invitees are talking about!!

No, don’t get confused with the title. I am not complaining that someone else being talked about at MY wedding. It is just that more number of  guests are RSVPing just because they loved my invite and everyone wanted to know about the artist behind it:) So how could I not feature this amazing person and super-talented artist at my Wedding Series?
Saranya Ravichandran : She was my acquaintance long before we worked together on this and I remember one of her first questions to be about New York. I used to love her work and told her I wanted her to do my invite even before I was engaged 😛
She loves art, she loves travel and I later knew that she particularly loves NYC and one day aspires to become an artist in the Big Apple 🙂
So, here you go, in conversation with Saranya Ravichandran, Visual artist . You can find her works at Sketch, the doodle company. Do follow her page and send some appreciation her way if you loved my invite (and her work) 🙂

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S(t)ri is here for brides and bridezillas!!


 How many of you have heard the words in the recent times?

” My sister lives in another city and is coming only a day before the wedding.”

“My best friends cannot make it to the wedding or cannot help me with shopping.”

“I have no time to throw a bridal shower for my best friend”

And this one is mine ” I live abroad and I have no clue about the good shops/latest designs/good tailors etc etc etc”

When I posted on our bloggers club about this series Srilakshmi of I am Stri, one of the prominent lifestyle bloggers from Chennai immediately pinged me saying she was a Bridal Assistant. Whaaa..whaat? I had a skype call with her to understand what she does and (ofcourse) why would I let her go just like that . People like Sri are emerging in cities like Chennai and are the need of the hour especially for brides who need help and cannot get it from their dear ones. So here is her guest post from her about her services. Continue Reading

The Bridal MUA Guide by Makeup Martini



Credit: Pavithra

Being an NRI bride one of our biggest tasks is to find the right make up artist for the D-Day. The reason being we are probably going just before the wedding and might not really find the time to have a trial and choose. And so we need to use our judgement to find the right MUA using other sources.

Pavithra, popularly known as Makeup Martini is one of the most well known fashion/ beauty bloggers of Chennai. She is also a professional make up artist and a model. She doesn’t just make her brides look gorgeous but also herself and I personally love the look-books on her blog 🙂 Here is her guide to find the right makeup artist for your big day! Continue Reading