5 Discussions to have once you are Engaged


Whether you have known each other for years or only a few months, you will be surprised at the number of people who really don’t know some basic things about their significant other. For starters I didn’t know R’s blood group or his designation at work until a month ago and we have been engaged for a year now 😮

So I came up with five things which (I think) you should talk about when you get committed/engaged with each other.

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Engaged..what next?

This is part of my Wedding Series. It is for a general audience and also addresses specific details about having a wedding in Chennai, India. It is biased towards a wedding set up where the bride/groom make final decisions as opposed to the norm where the parents make the call. Also, I am an NRI (Non-resident Indian) bride so there will also be tips on how to work things out when you are far away.

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