Being ‘Screen free’!

I am sure the topic is self explanatory!

If not, in the present day how many hours are we completely screen-free? Should we be screen free? I believe we should.

I am no science expert but it seems pretty clear that being glued to gadgets most part of the day is not a good idea. Most of us unconsciously do have screen-free times, like cooking, spending time with your family, exercise, hobbies.But there get intertwined with taking pictures, updating statuses on social media or even watching a game with family does not fall under screen-free.

So what is the challenge?

Try to consciously plan screen-free hour(s) every week and write about it. It could be something you already do, a new hobby, reading , writing(not typing!) , travel, friends, family etc. Of course we do need pictures for our posts but try to take them at the very beginning or the very end of the challenge. wpid-wp-1442350285504.jpeg

Pingback to this page (not this post please) and use the tag #ScreenfreeChallenge for others to read. I will list the participant posts on the page over time. Please find below an old post of mine about making a jigsaw puzzle. That was one of my screen free times!

Jigsaw puzzle!

I request everyone participating to read other posts and reblog them.

P.S. This is my first time trying to organize a blogger event so if you do have any suggestions please post them in the comments sections.

Happy Screen free time!


12 thoughts on “Being ‘Screen free’!

  1. Great idea and I am trying to do this for a long time but curse my bad will power. I take this as a opportunity to make a Scree free week and see What I accomplish. Is the Screen free page closed? Or Do you have a New link?

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  2. Great Idea Jan…. For me, screen time comes automatically at Office. When at Home, screen time limits to only reaching out to readers. I wish same goes for my Hubby too. I will suggest him this. Will share my findings 😉

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  3. […] free challenge. What do you do during your “screen free” […]


  4. Brilliant idea – I definitely want to participate next week. What’s the link to the page?

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  5. Monday and Wednesdays are screen-free days in our household. Monday we play board games as a family. Wednesdays is our reading day, we go to the library, do some art etc. Although it was initially hard to install this with the kids, I am glad we stuck with it!

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